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The Axia Institute Shares Insight with Dow Interns

The Axia Institute Shares Insight with Dow Interns


Representatives from the Axia Institute visited Dow’s World Headquarters on June 10, 2019, to speak with interns from the Supply Chain Management and Information Systems departments. John Hatfield, the Axia Institute’s director of marketing and communications, kicked off the presentation with an introduction to the Axia Institute and its focus on value chains.


Research Leader AmyLou Douglas further explained Axia’s current research portfolio within the pharmaceutical industry. She summarized the trends of transparency and increased regulations, as related to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). “Pharmaceutical companies are beginning to recognize the importance of cooperation within the industry’s end-to-end (E2E) supply chain. This industry-wide cooperation has enabled companies to come together and identify their shared challenges. By creating one common platform to share data to create 100% visibility and traceability, these grand challenges can be addressed,” explains Douglas. “It was a great opportunity to speak to Dow’s future supply chain and information technology talent about these new opportunities and the challenges they are addressing regarding sustainability.”


Dr. Bahar Aliakbarian ended by sharing her research on biorefinery and plastic waste. Reinventing the way industries view waste is a current priority of many organizations, including Dow. Dow is currently involved with the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, a nonprofit pledging $1.5 billion to reverse the global plastics crisis. The prioritization of the circular economy was relevant to the interns, who were tasked with finding sustainable solutions to industry challenges.


We are honored to build our relationship with Dow and share our value chain expertise.