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The Axia Institute Welcomes 2020 Summer Intern Class


2020 Summer Intern Class Joins the Axia Institute


Midland, MI… May 26, 2020

The Axia Institute is pleased to introduce its 2020 Summer Intern class. Priyanka Goenka, Drew Kalahar, Allie Smith, and Grace Sobeck are currently students at Michigan State and will be working with the Axia Institute and its research team to expand Axia’s portfolio.

“I’m excited to welcome Priyanka, Drew, Allie, and Grace to the Axia Institute,” stated Katherine Franz, Axia’s executive director. “Part of the Axia Institute’s operating model is to serve as an experiential engagement hub, and each year, we provide our interns with practical experiences designed to enhance their college education,” Franz concluded.

Axia’s summer interns will be working remotely along with the rest of Axia’s staff until the team returns to the office. More information about our interns can be found below.

Priyanka Goenka

Priyanka Goenka earned a postgraduate diploma in Supply Chain Management and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University. Priyanka also serves as a Teaching Assistant at MSU’s main campus in East Lansing, MI.

According to Priyanka, “being an engineer, I realize that developing technology is not sufficient and a lot of other factors are crucial before a technology becomes a successful product.” She is passionate about Supply Chain Management and is specifically interested in Logistics Management. Priyanka enjoys dancing and hiking.

Drew Kalahar

Drew is currently studying Supply Chain Management (SCM) at Michigan State University’s Broad College of Business. Drew explains, “I am passionate about SCM because I enjoy the production planning and management that goes on behind the scenes that people don’t see. It is a complex process, but it is rewarding to know that you are helping a company reduce costs and run more efficiently.”

Drew resides in Bay City, Michigan and is an avid sports fan of Michigan State football and basketball. He loves being in the Izzone and cheering the State team on. He looks forward to the summer internship experience and the fall semester at Michigan State.

Allie Smith

Allie will be joining Axia with a focus on Supply Chain Management. She is completing her studies in MSU’s Broad College of Business where she majors in Supply Chain Management with a minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies.

Allie hails from Midland, MI and is looking forward to working with Axia because of its strong focus on value chain. She is excited to learn more about the cross-disciplinary research the Institute conducts and looks forward to complementing her coursework through this experience. She enjoys spending time on the lake with her family and is a huge fan of MSU sports, where she works for the football team. She is also a proud member of the Izzone student basketball section.

Grace Sobeck

Grace will be focusing on marketing and communications at Axia. Grace is currently studying in the College of Communications Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University. She is pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Advertising Management, a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Advertising, with minors in Spanish and Graphic Design.

Grace is passionate about visual communication and business writing. She enjoys graphic design and Spanish as professional and personal hobbies. She is excited to be working with Axia to help support its brand and to learn about the marketing planning process. She wishes to aim her career towards non-profit work to advance the world in positive ways.  Grace resides in Sanford, Michigan and loves to enjoy nature such as hammocking or hiking.