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Value Chain Talent Management Whitepaper: Closing the Gap


Value Chain Talent Management Whitepaper: Closing the Gap


The need for talent development across the global supply chain is more challenging than ever as firms transition from the baby boomer bubble to the millennial and Gen X bubble. Retirement of baby boomers is leaving a significant talent gap that needs to be backfilled with individuals having the knowledge and experience to take over supply chain strategic and operational management.

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Compounding this problem is the need to acquire talent that has a value-chain mindset. Firms are increasingly aware of the need to move from the delivery of products (supply chain) to the delivery of customer-focused solutions (value chain). This whitepaper explores the nature of the talent-management problem firms are facing for all levels of talent. What are the current talent needs? How are these needs currently being addressed? And what is a better path forward to solving this important problem? This whitepaper proposes a partnership model using the collaborative efforts of supply chain associations, academic institutions, and corporate stakeholders to provide a solution.

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