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The Axia Institute® is a premier research and education center dedicated to developing effective and sustainable solutions to improve public and private value chains. Established by Michigan State University in 2013, the Axia Institute partners with industry to solve grand challenges and conduct cross-disciplinary research in areas of value chain optimization, data analytics, engineering, smart packaging, anti-counterfeiting, and water and food safety.

Value Chain Approach

Value chains represent all the steps and links in a system from beginning to end. When every step and link performs at its best, the entire value chain performs at its best. Businesses and nonprofits benefit from enhanced value chain management.

Research Areas

The research strategy focuses on four research application areas applicable to both business and the nonprofit sector: Water Quality and Water Delivery, Food Safety and Sustainability, Global Manufacturing and Value Chain Integration.

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Global Logistics

Transparency in the international supply chain is key, and the Axia Institute is exploring the importance of global logistics.

Pharmaceutical Serialization

The Axia Institute is researching the important area of pharmaceutical serialization and the importance of securing the pharmaceutical supply chain.

RFID Innovations

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is an important element of supply chain traceability.

Smart Packaging

Smart packaging is a critical value chain competency and can improve efficiencies across the supply chain.

Value Chain Optimization

The Axia Value Chain Index (VCI) assesses an organization’s readiness to transition from a supply chain to a value chain mindset.

Waste Valorization

Research into waste valorization across the food value chain has the potential to reduce waste while improving food safety.

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