Smart Packaging

Smart Packaging

Smart packaging is a critical value chain competency and can improve efficiencies across the supply chain.

Research Items

Principal Investigator (PI): Bahar Aliakbarian

Researcher: Kathrine Franz

Investigators: E. Alocilja, P. Chahal, E. Almenar, R. Clarke, S. Cho, D. Closs, C. Mena, and T. Schoenherr

Principal Investigator (PI): Bahar Aliakbarian

Co-Pi’s: Prem Chahal, Arun Ross, Mohammad Rabnawaz, Ali Tamayol, Susan Selke

Researchers: Shoue Chen, Sandrayee Brahma, Jonathon Mackay, Changyong Cao, and Bahar Aliakbarian

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