The Axia Institute Welcomes Additional Student Interns

July 2022

As Axia continues to expand in size and in RFID testing, this month we welcomed additional student interns, Aditya Purandare, an Electrical Engineering Masters Student at Michigan State University and Sentthur Vijayam, a Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Undergraduate Student at Michigan State University.

Aditya is working in the Axia Lab as an RFID intern under Dr. Bahar Aliakbarian to better understand, characterize and validate commercial RFID tags being implemented in different supply chains for inventory and traceability purposes.

Sentthur is working under Swaminathan Subramanian conducting background and market research in Axia’s Food and Agriculture Value Chain Vertical. Axia is able to provide him real world applications of value chain activities.


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