Defining the Rules of the Game for RFID Standardization

April 18, 2024

Note: Fresenius Kabi, a healthcare company and partner of Axia,  posts RFID Insights on its website. RFID Insights is a collection of stories and perspectives from industry thought leaders exploring how RFID technology and innovation advance healthcare.

In April 2024, RFID Insights conducted a Q&A with Axia’s John Hatfield, executive director, to discuss how RFID use is expanding in healthcare, and how it is improving patient safety and clinician efficiency. Hatfield also shares how Axia is advocating for standard protocols for RFID in the healthcare value chain.


Fresenius Kabi logo and in a blue background, photo of John Hatfield, executive director of the Axia Institute. Text Defining the Rules of the Game for RFID Standardization

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