John Hatfield Shares Presentation on Value Chain and Innovation at an Event Hosted by the Midland Business Alliance

February 2023

Discussing the Importance of Value Chain for Innovators with Area Business Leaders:
On February 9, 2023, the Midland Business Alliance hosted an event sponsored by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation for area business leaders about value chain and innovation. The event featured a presentation by the Axia Institute’s Executive Director, John Hatfield, who shared key insights from his experience partnering with industry, academia and researchers to develop solutions for value chain improvement and innovation.

The event participants responded very positively to the presentation on innovation and value chain, as John discussed topics including:

  • The evolution from supply chains to value chains
  • The elements of a successful integrated value chain strategy
  • The drivers of innovation in business
  • Identifying and managing risk
  • What makes innovation successful and sustainable in business

John enjoyed the meeting with business leaders and entrepreneurs, answering questions and participating in a vibrant discussion of important issues related to innovation and value chain solutions.


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