The Axia Institute’s Bahar Aliakbarian Presents on Sustainability in Helsinki, Finland

June 2022

Sustainability is an escalating concern across many industries in today’s world, and is certainly not limited to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-Based Healthcare. The Axia Institute’s Director of Research and Development, Bahar Aliakbarian, Ph.D. is presenting on this important subject at the RAIN Alliance’s Connections Summit in Helsinki, Finland on June 15.

There are many definitions for the word sustainability, and most reference future generations and our current processes and natural resource responsibilities. At the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment & Development – Earth Summit three, dimensions of sustainable development were identified: social, environmental, and economic. Dr. Aliakbarian will give an in-depth analysis of what role sustainability plays in healthcare and how it can be improved through the pillars defined by the United Nations. Innovative technologies such as RFID will be an important element moving forward as it contributes to all focus areas in a multitude of ways.

Find more information about the meeting using the link below. 


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